Faces and Creations

3:26 PM


Thought I'd share another of Brooklyn's creations. I love seeing the stories she puts together on these boards. They are always well thought out, elaborate and creative. She amazes me.
In the picture above, a mother comes in to her girls' rooms where they're all sleeping in a big bunk bed (obviously), and removes the blanket from the girl in the top bunk (hence the astonishment of the girl in the bed and the question mark over the mom's head). She's looking for something, which I think she is being given apologetically by the kneeling lady on her other side. It's been awhile since this story was relayed to me, so I'm probably missing key points. But you get the general idea. 

Here she is again, building a lobster our of Dorien's block set. She did follow instructions to build this one, but most of her other creations are from her imagination.

Wyeth plays peek-a-boo!

August and Wyeth

And Brooklyn with Wyeth 

And last but not least, Dorien and Wyeth!
They're hanging out in the box our curriculum was mailed in.

The sheer joy derived from this box makes me wonder why I don't get rid of all our toys and toss a box into the living room every now and then. It has the same effect as a ball of yarn for a kitten. 

Couldn't resist sharing this upset face. 
It's just such abject sorrow, complete with clasped hands.

Wyeth and Dorien amuse themselves while August has a tennis lesson.

My boys are extremely affectionate to one another. Constantly kissing and hugging each other. Dorien and August call Wyeth their "Smoopshy-poo or Smoochy-poo." He takes as much as he can of their hugs and kisses, then shoves them off. But he's very in tune to their moods, and if he sees that one of them is sad, he runs over to hug them or kiss them. It's precious.


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