Turkish Coffee!

6:30 AM

My brother Jeremiah returned from a 2 week visit to Turkey bearing a gift for me from our mutual friends, and his hosts in Turkey, Sevinc and Melih. This precious couple lived next door to Jeremiah for a year while they furthered their already substantial education here in the United States. Jeremiah became part of their family, and as the result of a chance comment by Sevinc (who mentioned she'd like to learn some American-style baking), she and Melih became good friends of ours. She and I spent a wonderful day doing my Christmas baking two years ago.

To speed this story up, Sevinc knows Kyle and I love coffee, and especially enjoyed the Turkish coffee she made for us. So much so that she honored me with all the ingredients necessary to create my very own authentic Turkish coffee experience!  

In the picture above, she sent us Turkish coffee grounds (ground much finer than most coffee here - very powdery), the copper Turkish coffee pot, water glass, coffee cup and little container for Turkish delights! 

The picture above is misleading in that I have an Italian moka on my stove which has absolutely nothing to do with the process of making Turkish coffee. Oops. I could utterly confuse you by going into the steps required to make Turkish coffee. It's a little complicated - very nuanced - and at present, I'm unable to relay it accurately because I'm still learning it. If you're curious, google "how to make Turkish coffee." You'll see what I mean. 

Here's my first attempt. I don't have near enough foaming action on the top, because I probably did about 10 things wrong. But I am learning, and will keep trying! I love my beautiful Turkish cups, and am so thankful to Sevinc for such a thoughtful gift. 

See me enjoy my Turkish coffee!!!!

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