4:07 PM

There are times when it seems like all we do is fend off viruses of one sort or another. Picked up at church. Or at least, that's my suspicion since they usually start on the following Monday. The above picture is from a week when we caught a stomach bug that worked its icky way through everyone but me and Kyle. The silver lining is that it created some "still" portrait opportunities of a normally very mobile Wyeth! 

FYI - soak up the countertop, sink and faucet, because the next pictures I'll show you of that same area will look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! 

Such fun to travel around the house with a trashcan. 

Ultimately, this is what makes a sick baby the happiest. 

On another day, all was well, and I looked up from reading school books to the kids to witness my three boys playing together. A sweet sight.

Brooklyn and her best friend, Hollis. In character.
Brooklyn's expression cracks me up. 

Last week, I met my friend Emily (mother of Hollis) and her kids at the Arts Center for a ballet production of Hansel and Gretel. The kids picked out their clothes the night before. I thought August's method of laying out his clothes was particularly creative.  

Weston, August, Eli, Hollis, Brooklyn and Dorien. Homeschool buddies!
Weston and August are about 9 months apart in age. Hollis is a year older than Brooklyn, and Eli's about 9 months older than Dorien, I think. They can all play together for hours at a time!

Wyeth hangs out on the stairs with his cousin, Oliver, whom we babysat last weekend. They are 3 months apart. Oliver looks not unlike Bruce Banner, don't you think? He is precious, and Wyeth was thrilled to have someone his age to play with. Or just go up and down the stairs with!

More babysitting! This time, Story Mae hung out with us this past week on what ended up being one of the craziest days we've experienced in a very long time.
Between 9-2, we had 2 men here to install my marble, 3 men here to measure for cabinet doors and drawers, 1 plumber, 1 electrician and Terminix was supposed to come at the same time, but failed to show. It was utter madness. In some ways, though, it's better to knock it all out in one fell swoop and pick up the pieces later.

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