New Car!

3:00 PM

For the past 10 years, we have driven a 2002 Audi A4 Quattro which we loved to pieces. We bought it in 2004 from a guy in New York City. It was Pre-Kids, so we flew to NYC with a one-way ticket and drove it back home. It was so much fun, and we got a great deal on the car. At the time, my parents thought we were nuts, especially for buying a foreign car. Much less, buying it sight unseen and flying halfway across the country to get it! They believed, I'm quite sure, that it would be a huge mistake and we'd probably regret it. Well, fortunately that wasn't the case.

We loved our Audi A4.  Aside from being expensive to fix, which in my general experience, applies to ALL cars, foreign or otherwise, she was a great car. Rode beautifully, looked complaints.  This past year, as she approached 98,000 miles, we thought we ought to begin looking for a newer car. And as many cars as are on the market, we couldn't find anything we liked better than an Audi.  So, the time came. We put our 2002 silver Audi A4 on Craigslist, found a buyer and sadly waved goodbye.  

Usually, there are spare cars to borrow around my parents' house, but this time, Rachel was back in  town and there were no spare cars. Kyle would just have to ride his bike to work until we found something else! We had no replacement in mind. But we have been praying for a long time for the car God would have us buy, just as we prayed for God to send us a buyer.  

I had been intermittently searching for Audis which met our parameters, but there really wasn't anything out there that fit the bill perfectly. We sold our car on a Wednesday, and I looked online on Friday. Turns out our local Audi dealer had one which seemed about perfect.
We test drove it on Saturday and went home to think about it.
Bought it on Monday.

It's a 2012 Audi A4 Quattro. We love the color - a midnight blue that changes color depending on the light. It has all leather interior in a greyish ("Cardamom") color, and all sorts of newer features our older Audi didn't have. She's gorgeous. 

Brooklyn insisted that she would hate any car other than our old Audi. In fact, in her words, the first car she'd buy would be a 2002 Audi A4 EXACTLY like our old one. This made me and Kyle laugh hysterically...although it's not a bad idea. They'll be dirt cheap by the time she can drive...

Meanwhile, Kyle and I are fighting to run little errands that give us an excuse to drive it. Well, he drives it to work and back, but I have to come up with reasons. Solo Kroger trips or something like that.  I'm getting used to having my phone sync up with the car and make calls for me...or pushing a button to start the car or having it automatically unlock when I approach it. So much fun! We're like little kids in a candy store, getting used to all the fun features that cars have now...good thing our kids are too young to be mortified by our behavior. Oh, and Brooklyn informed me the other day that it really isn't take her as long to get used to the new car as she'd expected. Well, that's something.

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