Auntie Kara

5:08 PM

One of the bright spots of our Christmas this year was a visit from Kyle's younger sister, Kara! She is currently a resident of Hollywood - living out there as a not-quite-starving actress/singer. I say this in jest cause we really are very proud of her, but she will tell you that the jobs are sporadic and it can make getting by quite interesting. This was her first time to our house and first time to meet Brooklyn, who just adored her aunt. She took every opportunity to crawl into Kara's lap, regardless of what Kara was doing. Brooklyn just wanted to be close. Hearing her wake up from her nap, chirping, "Where Kara go?" was so adorable. So, for a couple of days, Kara was just down the hall and we loved it. She was even brave enough to come to Chad and Melissa's Bohemian party where we all ate roast chicken off a tarp, plucked lettuce leaves off the head to assemble our own salads, oh, and ate with our fingers. It was an adventure of Dennis proportions! And Kara fit right in! My family loves her!!

We look forward to future visits when Hollywood gives her back to us for a couple of days. We love you and miss you, SnoFro! Oh, and Brooklyn loves her art station and her baby giraffe!

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