I wish for you...

3:58 PM

Success not by the world's standards.

I wish not for you money
or beauty or fame
or accolades or power.

Rather, a heart that is
humble, grateful,

the heart of a servant.
with the desire to meet the needs
of those around you before
your own

I desire to be a mother
who teaches you what
is truly important

something more than ABC's and 123s
something other than how to score
high on your ACT and SAT
or beat out the rest of your class
in the rankings

I care not if you go to Harvard
Yale or Princeton, but that
you learn the lessons of value
and understand that this life
is not just about you.

That this world does not revolve around you
but that to truly survive in this world
according to God's measuring stick

one must be servant of all.

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  1. Well said. I want that too. Love B on the bench!