Three + One = FOUR FLOYDS

6:54 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time I told you the news. I'm pregnant again! Due on or around July 23, they tell me. Just past 10 weeks along. And no, I'll just go ahead and pre-empt the inevitable question: WE ARE NOT FINDING OUT WHAT WE'RE HAVING.

We are so excited, and I'm quite ready to be out of my first trimester as this pregnancy has tested my endurance! While I was nauseous some with Brooklyn, it was nothing like I have been with this one. From the moment I wake up to the middle of the night, if there's not something little in my stomach, then my body is not happy. Yet, here's the catch 22, nothing and I do mean NOTHING sounds good! So I don't put something in my tummy and sure enough, I'm crazy nauseous. I haven't had any cravings, only aversions. To, as previously mentioned, everything. There are two things that sound good 24/7: Cheerios and Oranges. Ahh, the thought of a cold orange even now makes me happy.

Poor Kyle, I have NOT been my usual cooking self. In fact, I think I've wandered close to the stove maybe 3 times to cook a real meal. The other times, we've scrounged up bits and pieces or grabbed take-out. And don't even think about leftovers. Once I've had something, it cannot be had again. I wish I could, but I just can't. I'm hoping for a come-back during the second trimester.

The oddest thing...bright colors have the effect of smelly food. I bought these brightly colored plastic dishes from Ikea for Brooklyn. I can barely look at them without feeling queasy. It's as though they have a smell attached to them. I also have these brightly colored pillows. Same effect. I've been hiding them under blankets until I can look at them without wanting to run to the toilet. How interesting is that? I've heard of a condition where words and sounds bring on a complete sensory experience of taste and smell, and I believe I can comprehend what that is like.

Meanwhile, we saw an ultrasound of our little one a week before Christmas and saw two little arms and legs waving about and a little heart beating furiously. I have never been so relieved to see something in all my life. I welcome your prayers. This is such a period of trusting the Lord. We're excited, delighted and glad to have something exciting to look forward to during a long, hot summer! I'll keep you posted as things move along. Oh, I have the privilege of being pregnant along with my best friend Becky who is due about 2 weeks before me. Her son Gavin is just 6 weeks older than Brooklyn! This will be so much fun! I'm also able to share the daily bits of being pregnant with my dear friend Julia who's due a week ahead of me! Her daughter Lake is one of Brooklyn's best friends.

I love this phase of our life.

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  1. FINALLY, a blog update!! Reading these new posts make me laugh and cry. You have such a gift of writing and sharing your heart. Love you.....Sarah

  2. Omigosh! My due date is July 19th and my best friend, Kasey is 4 weeks behind me! That is so funny! Congratulations!