A Crazy Little Cat Named Moe

6:40 PM

Kyle and I just returned from two days in Norfork with our dear friend, Lynnie, and her three precious cats: Clancy, Amelia and Moe. It was just about the most relaxing 2 days I've had in a long time. Lynn is blessed with the gift of hospitality, and just being in her presence invites one to unwind, rest and just be. She always has the greatest ideas for cooking and her creations never fail to astound me! This time, we made an authentic Italian dish for one night...bacon, eggs and toast for a late lunch the next day...she astounded us with a from scratch chicken-pot-pie the following night...banana splits...pancakes...fresh pots of hot tea...long walks along the White River. Brooklyn made friends with the cows across the street, mooing at them as they stared balefully back at her. We did encounter possibly the friskiest bunch of cows I have ever seen. As we walked past them, they ran as one group up to the fence where they stopped and just stared. When we began to walk again, they ran as one group away and then back to us at a point further down, something about the cold air stirring up their energy as I have never seen in cows. It made us laugh out loud!

And about Moe. A perfectly soft kitty with a white face and a black spot on his nose. He felt an immediate kinship with Brooklyn who returned the affection. They followed each other about, she calling to him and he immediately appearing. She rubbed his belly and he purred loudly. We were tempted to tuck him into our suitcases and claim him as our stowaway. We were so taken in by the friendliness that cats can display when they are nice cats. And as we walked into our own house this afternoon and were not so much greeted as ADMONISHED by our horrible mean cat, Luna, we yet again thought with fondness of Moe and wished he'd been ours.

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