A Girl and Her Dog

5:22 PM

One of my favorite things has been seeing Brooklyn develop a love for animals. Whether it's cats, fish, dogs, cows, horses, squirrels, you name it, the child has a fondness for it. She gets it naturally as Kyle and I both have HUGE soft spots when it comes to creatures of the four-legged variety. In particular, Brooklyn has developed a bond with my own special furry pal - Bailey. While we do have two dogs - a Golden Retriever and an English Pointer, and they are both wonderful in their unique ways - I am unequivocally partial to my Golden. Always have been, always will be. I grew up wanting a Golden and the moment I was on my own, I got one. Bailey is my second Golden and hopefully she'll be around forever cause I love her immeasurably. She is so tender with me (and everyone) and most heartwarmingly, with my little girl! Brooklyn loves to hug her, cuddle up next to her, kiss her soft ears and wet nose, pat her sturdy body and call her over to wherever she is! I love watching the two of them. Especially when Brooklyn offers the phone to Bailey and Bailey actually looks as though she's playing along!

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