Time with Friends

3:36 PM

Friends are truly friends when they keep your secrets without question. When they offer you the stores of their cold medicine and don't even make fun of you cause your n's sound like b's. Friends are truly friends when they let you fall comatose onto your guest bed for hours when you just feel miserable and need to rest. Friends are truly friends when you discuss the details of breastfeeding and sore nipples and a good latch without batting an eye. Friends are truly friends when you can honestly say to each other, leftovers really do sound better to me than going out. And you both mean it. Friends are truly friends when you can strip the sheets together and know how to work each other's washing machines. Real friends are nitty gritty and comfortable like a pair of warm socks on cold hardwood floors.

Kyle and I have such friends in Lewisville, Texas and we were honored to spend the weekend after Thanksgiving with them. I had the worst cold I've ever had in my life. They were so gracious and caring and pretended not to notice that I was so fuzzy-headed for at least 24 hours of my visit. Or blowing my nose like a foghorn every 2 seconds. Their many huskies accepted our presence with great aplomb, including that of Brooklyn, who can wear out a dog.

We were honored to be present at the baptism of their little Jonathan David, who is our godchild. Brooklyn continues to call out, "I love you, Jonathan!" They held hands over the sides of their carseats.

Everyone needs such friends.

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