Stormy Grey

4:26 PM

We have completed yet another home project. This time, the second to last room has been painted. Well, that isn't counting the playroom upstairs... This is our true guest bedroom, not our other guest bedroom which is Brooklyn's future bedroom. And for the duration of our time on this street, the room has maintained its original, horrible neutral color of....masking tape. It has continued to torment me every time I enter the room. But I just couldn't nail down exactly what I wanted the room to be.

I love color. I can't live in a neutral place. Resell prospects be hanged! Houses are meant to be LIVED IN and I cannot live without color. I see no sense in keeping houses beige or grey or whatever just so people will be able to envision their own lives within the walls. My life is currently HAPPENING within these walls! It saddens me to realize that it isn't that people need a neutral pallet to envision their lives with their stuff because so many people don't paint once they move in! They keep it those neutral, sell-friendly colors. I realize this is many people's comfort zones, but it truly makes me crazy. I believe God created color to saturate our lives continually! From the changing colors of leaves on the trees, to the shades of color that wash the sky from minute to minute! So, when I keep painting or changing, I'm just following God's lead! Bring on the color!

This particular color was our attempt to capture the steely grey-blue color of the sky when a gigantic storm is blowing in. I love that sky. I love the sense of imminence...something is brewing...something is about to happen...yet here I am, cozy in my house, sheltered from whatever it brings.

And I think it's funky with the turquoise accents. It's not finished, but at least we're getting somewhere far far away from masking tape.

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