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I have been reading a book Kyle bought me for my birthday called Julie & Julia. A story of a woman in NYC who decided to embark on a year long culinary journey - she took it upon herself to cook all 524 something recipes contained in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Kyle knew I would be drawn to this book for several reasons. One, I am a HUGE fan of Julia Child. Which is even more interesting because I have never actually ever seen one of Julia's famous cooking show episodes. During my formative years, my family did not own a television, so it isn't something I would have happened upon by accident. I discovered my love for her through a book called "My Life in France - Julia Child". I was so drawn to her that I subsequently purchased the latest edition of MtAoFC and, in typical Ashley fashion, basically read it from cover to cover. Well, not verbatim, but enough to understand that to attempt to cook every recipe is simply staggering and impressive. Secondly, I am just crazy enough to do something like that myself. Thirdly, the author kept a blog the whole year to track her life during that time. Sounds fun!

Reading through the book, I have been more inspired to blog than ever! Which has led me to evaluate all the daily anecdotes of life in terms of a blog entry. Not in an attempt to try to make mundane things sound more interesting or validate my life in particular, but I have inadvertently found myself thinking about little things as though I were writing them on a post on my blog. And it's weird to do that! Like I am editing my thoughts for posting or something!

I wonder if everyone who keeps a blog sort of subconsciously "blogs" in their mind throughout a given day...

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  1. I have to admit that I blog in my head throughout the day. The only problem is, I am not a writer. A couple of times I have attempted to actually blog about events of my day but they sounded much better in my head. Thus the reason our blog is mainly pictures and medical updates.

    By the way, do you have an herb garden? I am NOT a cook but got inspired this summer when I planted a basil plant. It was so much easier to maintain than the vegetable garden I had last year. It was so cool to go out and snip a few leaves that I grew to throw into a recipe. I am planning on expanding to a couple more herbs next year.

  2. Oh yes, become a blogaholic! I so enjoy it!

  3. I hope you DO cook every recipe in that book. And I want to help! And viewing life as if they were blogposts...what a writerly thing to do!